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Guild News

Free Character Transfers Now Available on Select Servers

TheCoug, Jun 13, 12 1:22 PM.
    According to the SWTOR website, the initial character transfer service is now available, allowing qualifying characters to be transferred at no charge from selected origin servers to selected destination servers. However, this service will not allow players or guilds to choose a specific server to transfer to, so there is no guarantee that our names or guild name will be available on The Fatman, which is Cho Mai's destination server. Read the entire article here.

Two New Ensigns & Alts!

TheCoug, Apr 26, 12 2:01 AM.
   The Nerf Herders would like to welcome our newest Ensigns, Treix and Syre/Pencil, who both finished their trial period over the past week. Glad to have you both on board!

We also added Revola's alt. Revolo and Bakim's alt. OptimusGrime, and as a result of all these additions, The Nerf Herders now have nearly 70 members and alts! We're taking over the server!

The Nerf Herders Admit 3 New Members & Announce a New Promotion!

TheCoug, Apr 15, 12 4:40 PM.
   The Nerf Herders would like to welcome Scarab, Xuked/Ashwymyn, and Bakim who all finished their trial period and were promoted from Recruit to Ensign over the past two weeks! 

Additionally, we would like to congratulate Smokanabis, who was promoted to Captain! Corellian spice all around!

The Nerf Herders Admit 3 New Members!

TheCoug, Apr 7, 12 11:01 PM.
   The Nerf Herders would like to welcome three new members who have finished their trial period and were promoted from Recruit to Ensign over the past week. B'orn, Trazid/Tazron, and Taylon's son Klay! If you see them on, don't be stuck-up, give them a warm Nerf Herder welcome!

Newest Promotion

TheCoug, Apr 3, 12 2:14 PM.
   The Nerf Herders would like to congratulate Dankula on his promotion from Ensign to Captain! One of our original members, it has been said that Dankula actually made the Kessel Run in only 11 parsecs.
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